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Day 1 Singapore-->Shanghai (Meals on board)
Assemble 1115pm at Changi International Airport for your flight to the largest and busiest city of China - Shanghai.

Day 2 Shanghai/Chenghuangmiao/Suzhou/Hanshan Temple/Lotus Garden (B/L/D)
Upon arrival, we will visit the Shanghai’s ancient commercial center which is also known to the Shanghainese as Chenghuangmiao. Built in Ming Dynasty, it is prosperous and bustling shopping area after recent years of major re-construction. Proceed to Suzhou, follow by the visit to the Hanshan Temple built 700 years ago. It was restored during the Qing period after a fire.
Lotus Garden is located in Suzhou, East Lane, a small bridge on the 8th, three-ying River, side of the street, covers an area of 11 acres.

Day 3 Suzhou/Silk Mill Factory/Wuxi/Sanguo Studio/Taihu/Tortoise Head Islet (B/L/D)
Suzhou, the famous silk industrial capital of China, is also a major silk production center, we will take this opportunity to visit one of the Silk Mill Factory. Next, depart for Wuxi. Upon visit the SanGuo Studio, one of the famous firm making area in China.Next, we will stop at Pearl Farm, where you can learn to process of pearl manufacturing.Next, visit Lake Taihu, China’s third largest freshwater lake. The lake also supports a fish farming industry. A beautiful scenic spot that provides a good view of Lake Taihu is Tortoise Head Garden.

Day 4 Wuxi/Sand Pottery Museum/Hangzhou/Wansong Institution (B/L/D)
This morning, we will depart for Hangzhou after visit Sand Pottery Museum. Upon arrival, visit to the WanSong Institution, the ancient college. Next, experience the famous Long Jing Tea.

Day 5 Hangzhou/West Lake/Huangshan (B/L/D)
This morning, visit one of Hangzhou’s main tourist attractions, West Lake. It is surrounded by hills dotted with pavilions and pagodas on three sides and has a circumference of 12 km with ten location of interest, including Snow Broken Bridge, the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and the Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor. Thereafter, you have the opportunity to taste the famous Longjing Tea and get to know more about its history. Next, proceed to Huangshan city.

Day 6 Huangshan/Tunxi/Thousand Island Lake (B/L/D)
This morning, we ascent Huangshan by cable car, where you will able to visit the scenic Beihai area. Rare pines, grotesque rocks, seas of clouds and hot springs have been widely acclaimed the “Four Wonders Under The Heaven”. Seasonal landscapes like sunrise, sunset, splendor and Buddha halo are colourful and constantly changing.Return to Tunxi after that, we will visit the 1.5 km long ancient street in Tunxi. The street was first built in the Southern Song Dynasty and took its present form during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Next, continue to Thousand Island Lake.

Day 7 Thousand Island Lake/Shanghai (B/L/D)
Thousand Island Lake is make of 1078 small islands, we will take a boat cruise along the scenery of the Five Dragon Island. Return to Shanghai after that.

Day 8 Shanghai/The Bund/Nanjing Road/Huangpu River -->Singapore (B/L)
This morning,visit to the 5 km long Nanjing Road, the busiest and most prosperous shopping street in Shanghai, which accommodates an average of one million shoppers and visitors every day.Visit the world’s famous “The Bund” in Shanghai. It was once part of the foreign concessions and out-of-bound to locals. “The Bund” today is Shanghai’s financial hub, also known as the “Wall Street of the Far East”.

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